Alpine S620 Vertical Mounting

by B Caruthers

If you have the Alpine S620, here's how it can be mounted VERTICALLY in the trunk of an M2.

It can be connected to either the OEM Cassette Deck or the Bose Head Unit using a Peripheral MAZAS Adapter Interface Cable. The Peripheral Dealer Locator can be found here:

Editor's Note: The MAZAS does not work with the 1167 radio.

1. Attach the "L" brackets to the Changer.

2. Insert the appropriate bolts into the plastic Floor Mounting Plates.

3. Attach the Floor Mounting Plates to the "L" brackets -- turn the Floor Mounting Plates inward so that they are under the Changer.

4. Go out to your car and open the trunk and remove the carpet and liners.

5. Remove the bucket and the middle 10 mm bolt which holds the metal shield to the floor of the trunk covering the Fuel Filler Pipe. The shield will still be held in place by two other bolts.

6. Wedge the Changer with attached brackets, etc. onto the metal floor of the trunk right next to the space where the bucket was -- it should fit perfectly (the metal shield probably will need to be pushed /bent back a bit, but it'll fit in the space.)

7. Mark the four places where you'll need to drill pilot holes for the metal screws to mount the Floor Mounting Plates -- set the Changer aside.

***** Before going any further, you'll need to remove completely the metal shield which covers the Fuel Filler Pipe so you can fish the cable from the front of the car into the trunk. ****

8. Once the cable is safely in the trunk, drill the four pilot holes (about 1/8" bit -- maybe slightly larger).

9. Replace the metal shield covering the Fuel Filler Pipe with the two 10mm bolts. (Do not reinstall the middle bolt to the floor.)

10. Remove the Floor Mounting Plates from the "L" brackets attached to the Changer.

11. Screw the Floor Mounting Plates to the trunk floor with the four Metal Screws provided. I used a ratchet instead of a screw driver.

12. Test to make sure the slots on the "L" brackets still match-up with the Floor Mounting Plates. (Hopefully they do.)

13. Re-install the carpet and cut holes for the Floor Mounting Plate Bolts to stick through.

14. Re-install the trunk liners and bucket paying attention to the excess cable.

15. Attach the Changer to the Floor Mounting Plate Bolts with the "L" brackets.

*****Disconnect the Negative Terminal of the battery*****

Next, connect the Alpine cable -- which has been threaded from the trunk to the dash (see the note below) -- to the appropriate end of the the Peripheral MAZAS Adapter Interface Cable. Then connect the other end of the Peripheral cable to the back of the OEM Cassette Deck or CD/Radio. (You'll need a set of U-shaped wires to remove the cassette deck. They can be purchased at any auto supply store or Wal-Mart. There is a thin black cover on each end of the cassette that hides the holes that the U-shaped wires are inserted into -- these can be removed with your fingernail or a small screwdriver.

Tuck the cables and the box attached to the Peripheral cable under the dash. There is not much room under there, so removing the panel under the steering wheel will give more room and light -- two Philips head screws hold it on. There is a conveniently located metal bracket under the dash next to the cassette player which is a perfect place to zip tie the box.

NOTE: It is NOT necessary to remove the center console to get the Alpine CD cable from the trunk to a place under the dash. You may be able to work the cable under and along the console from the back to the front without removing the five screws depending on how tight it is along the edge.

*****Reconnect the Negative Terminal of the battery*****

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11 July, 2001