Moss Miata

Tips for Changing Coil Packs

by Bernie Krueger


When ordering a replacement coil pack, order a replacement "Rubber Mounting" grommet/bushing. It is a rubber grommet with two washers, one for each side. If yours is like mine, the lower bolt for the coil pack passes through this bushing into the rear of the engine block. The new coil does not come with one so I tried to transfer it to my new one. Since this is a rubber part, I guess the heat of the engine petrified it and it crumbled into pieces as I tried to remove it. I had to order one from the dealer since they do not stock it, the price was $11.00.

There is a metal bushing that goes through the center of it that is reusable and is a separate part number. The parts break-down number for the "rubber mounting" is 13-363N. The coil pack is usually not stocked at the dealer and they wanted about $350.00 for it. Tried an internet dealer advertised on this website and got it for $238.00. With new NGK Blue Spark plug wires and plugs, the whole cost came to $278.00 with no shipping charges. The dealer wanted $700.00 to do the whole job. I am saving $422.00 doing it myself. So save time by ordering this replacement part if you have to change out a coil.

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3 June, 2007

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