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Be good to your Miata

Jack stands and Jacking points

Oil Gauges

[NA][NB]Oil Pressure Gauge Modification

[NA][NB]Oil Pressure Sender switch Mod

[NA][NB]Oil Pressure Gauge Retrofit for 95 and later

[NA][NB]Another Oil Pressure Gauge Article

[NA][NB]VDO Gauge Retrofit

Oil and Lubrication
Changes and Coolers

[NB]6 Speed Drivetrain Fluid Replacement

[NA] Hakuna's Oil Pictorials

[NA][NB] Oil Changes for Novices

[NA][NB] Lubricating Door Windows

[NA] Fluid Capacities

Every 60k

[NA]Timing Belt Replacement

[NA][NB] Additional timing belt change information

[NA] About Accessory Belts...

Snake Oil
Don't get suckered

A Question and Answer about Slick 50

Federal Trade Commission Complaint involving Slick 50

Slick 50 agreement to FTC consent order

Federal Trade Commission Action involving Splitfire Plugs


[NA] Automatic Transmission Bushing New!

[NA][NB] Fuel Filter ReplacementNew!

[NA] Overheating due to burst Water PlugNew!

Suggestions for stuck nuts and bolts

Winter Preparation

[NA][NB] Changing your Fuel Filter

Common Squeaks / rattles / noises

[NA][NB] Overheating / The Miata Cooling System

Cheap Trix

Removing those Eyeball Vents

[NA][NB] Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

[NA][NB] Torque Specs

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