NA Soft top latch adjustment

by Adam Kendl (PepsiAddict)

*I use terms 'adjustment screw' and 'locking clip' - not sure what the official terms are.

1. Locate the hexagonal adjustment screw (see pic) on the desired latch.

Notice the adjustment screw is secured in place with a locking clip (see pic) to keep the adjustment screw from readjusting itself.

2. Release the locking clip by pulling up on the tab (see pic) with your fingernail.

I suggest using your fingernail because the locking clip is made out of plastic and easily breakable. Here is a pic of a released locking clip:

3. Turn the adjustment screw in the desired direction (see pic). One full turn is more than enough. I may take you a couple tries to get the latch to latch on perfectly. An ideal latch will have just a little bit of give to it just before it clicks shut.
*Warning* Latching a latch that is too tight could lead to damage to your hard top or soft top so close the latches SLOWLY! Best procedure I've found is to loosen the adjustment screw, then make very minor tighten adjustments (latching and unlatching in between) until it has just a little bit of give to it.

For reference:
An adjustment screw that is tightened all the way will look like this:

An adjustment screw that is loosened all the way will look like this:

4. Reconnect the locking clip.
*Take note than in order for the locking clip to sit back onto the adjustment screw the screw will have to be aligned so one "corner" of any of the hexagon sides must be facing up. Please reference the first picture in step one.

Check the latch adjustments as often as you feel is necessary. Examples of good times to check are: Significant weather change, putting your hard top on after it's been off for a few months, etc.

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4 January, 2009

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