Originator: Ron Greene <>
Contributor: Eric Fawcett <>

Purpose: To eliminate/reduce the very common problem of the stock MSSS CD player skipping like a banshee.

Required tools/parts: Phillips Screwdriver, 1/2" Thick sponge or spongy weather stripping (approx. 12" length by 3/4" width by 1/2" thick), small rubber washers or more sponge (read these instructions thoroughly to decide for yourself).

Thanks to everyone who responded. After doing some research and talking to a couple of people, here is what I found concerning the Stock MSSS CD unit skipping way too much. Be advised that this procedure seems to have fixed mine but I cannot guarantee it will do anything for you:

  1. The radio is well placed in the dash to the point it might as well be welded to the body.

  2.  I took apart the center console/radio dash getting a better look for myself. There are many screws that must be taken out.

  4. You should now see the MSSS unit in all it's glory. Remove the the four screws that are at each corner.

  5. Here's the tricky part... We need to move the MSSS out of the way so you can get to the radio bay: Pull the unit out straight towards you (Mine was difficult as some of the wires that connect to the back were wrapped around a bracket, but with a little force the bracket bent enough to free the wires, you might not have this problem). You need to pull the unit out enough to be able to get your hand in and disconnect the three plugs (one upper left and two bottom right). Once you get the plugs disconnected there will still be the antenna and a grounding wire connected to the back of the MSSS, but I was able to get the MSSS out and had enough slack in the antenna/grounding wire to move it out of the way without disconnecting these.

  6. On the back of the MSSS you'll find a small tongue with black rubber on it (it fits into the bracket in the back of the radio bay when the MSSS is pushed in) . Its held on by one screw. Take it off.

  7. If you look at the bottom where the radio rests in the dash you'll see the two raised areas that support the bottom of the MSSS. I took two pieces of sponge and glued them down. Use something that is 1/2 inch thick but not stiff. Others have used some of that 1/2 inch sticky-back spongy weather stripping instead of sponge and also had positive results.

  8. OPTIONAL: The originator of this fix didn't do this, but I did so I thought I'd mention it: I also put a piece of the 1/2 inch sticky-back spongy weather stripping on the bracket in the back of the bay. This is the bracket that the rubber tongue (removed earlier) use to fit into, it is also the bracket my wires were wrapped around in Step 4 above. Anyway, I bent the bracket back into position and slapped some weather stripping on it for good measure.

  9. I placed the radio back in the dash (don't forget to re-connect the three plugs/wire harnesses) and screwed the four screws back in. I put a small piece of sponge between the screw and the dash and left about a 1/16 of an inch loose. Others have used small rubber washers instead of sponge and also had positive results.

  10. Re-install radio dash, screws, eyeball vents, center console (don't forget the two plugs), screws again and shift knob.


"I took the car for a test drive, making sure to hit some railroad tracks at a good speed. The car bounced significantly, but not a single skip."
- Ron Greene 11/98 (originator of the fix)

"I would say your fix solved 90% of my skipping problems. My route to work each morning averages two or three skips one way, this morning... Not one skip! Since the fix I've only had one skip, but it was on a real nasty stretch of pavement that shakes the whole car, even the skip I had wasn't as bad as it used to be."
- Eric Fawcett 12/98 (Fan of the fix)