A High End Audio System

by Jan Inge Nilsen  - JanInge.Nilsen@nif.idrett.no

Hello ! Norway calling

I'm an audio fan and have build a lot of loudspeaker-systems for use at home and for cars. My last creation is a high end system for my Miata. I've read about audio for Miata at the Miata.net, but none of these suggestion was any good.

Here are the components that I've installed in my Miata :
Headunit    : Alpine CDR 7836
Equalizer    : Hifonics Cleo - 3band
Amplifier    : Audison VR 209 (2x120w 4ohm) Trimode connection is possible
Tweeter : SEAS H623 (25TAFN/QN)
Crossover : SEAS D125P
Bass/midbass    : SEAS H624 (CC17RCY), 6,5" coated papercone, magnesium basket and large magnet, rubber suspension (stable in wide temperature range) (8ohm).
Cable        : Signal from Phoenix Gold, shield is modified by me with 3 layers of alloy-paper and electrical tape , speaker from Intertechnik

Headunit is mounted in dash

Equalizer and Amplifier
Eq. and amp is mounted behind drivers seat. Had to cut out a rectangular hole in the carpet, for making it possible to have the seat adjusted, almost, all way back.

Crossovers are placed in the tunnel that runs in front of the gas.tank. Not much space, but enough.

I removed the original speakers (some terrible 6,5" doublecone's) and the original cover. The size of the original speaker-cover have just enough space for the new speakers, but they are not suitable for high end use. I made new baffles out of an 8mm MDF board, made hole for the woofer and the tweeter, and covered them with black vinyl.  The tricky part:  I had to cut new openings in the door for the new speakers, the hole for the original speaker wasn't big enough for both the woofer ant tweeter. I hold the new baffles in the right position and marked where I had to cut. The metal is very soft so it's easy. I also had to drill holes for fastening the new baffles. I used black flatheaded self-locking bolts and nuts. With everything in place it looks great. Because of the location of the Eq and Amp, and since everything on the new baffles is black, it's a little bit theft-safe. NB! The door's are dampened with NoiseKiller

How does it sounds ?
When you first have heard Pink Floyd, Guns 'n Roses, Bruce Springsteen, or anything else of your favorite music, with this equipment you don't want to hear them on anything else. The bass is tremendous, with both depth and attack. Of course it can't match an 10 or 12" subwoofer, but it is damn close. Anyway, I'm not an audio fan for nothing. I have some serious plans for an 10" made by Vifa. I'm going to remove the spare tire and make a closed box (about 25 liters) out of MDF, fiberglass and epoxy for an perfect match to my trunk.

PS! I will send you my drawing's later

Audison     : High End Amplifier, made in Italy
Seas        : Made in Norway. Seas makes loudspeaker units for Snell, Dali,  Sony and many others.
Vifa        : Made in Denmark. Units sound's very familiar to SEAS but they are a little bit cheaper.

If someone is able to translate this to English, I'll hope it might help others who are planning to upgrade their audio.

Thanks for a beautiful net.site.

Jan Inge Nilsen

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28 May, 1999