Hanging a Hardtop in your Garage

by Gary Spray

Okay, no cracks about my messy garage... This is how I created a rack to hang my hard top from the ceiling of my garage. It consists of a four foot 2X4, two three inch lag bolts with washers and two plastic coated hooks. The fellow that sold me the top had a similar rack in his garage but used bicycle hooks which are quite a bit larger. I used a finishing nail to locate a ceiling joist and measured out from the wall 10.5 inches. I found the center of the 2X4 (duh) and then marked two more places to drill 16 inches on either side of the center. I then drilled the holes for the lag bolts and used a 1 inch drill bit to recess them a bit. I then drilled the holes for the hooks 41.25 inches apart and screwed the hooks into the 2X4. You will want to have a little toe-out on the hooks (Miq alignment). I then held the whole assembly (you may need help here) to the ceiling and drilled a pilot hole for the center lag bolt. I then screwed the center lag bolt in, squared the 2X4 with the wall and drilled the other two holes. It cost me less than $10.

Here's another view:

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25 February, 2011