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Featured MX5 Miata Qualifications

So, you think you have a pretty cool Miata, huh? You've got your fancy shmancy rocket powered jet engine, your ultralightweight titanium wheels, and an ejection seat for the passenger's side in the rare event that your mother-in-law is along for a ride. But, does all that make your precious MX-5 qualify for the Featured MX5 Miata??

Well, probably - especially if you've used that ejection seat. But it isn't required for you and your Miata to be featured on The primary criteria to be featured is that you have a good story to tell. It can be about your Miata or about you and your Miata. And it must be about more than just a bunch of modifications!After all, thousands of people have put some snazzy accoutrements on their Miatas, but does that mean that the 35,000 or so readers of are going to really want to read about another modified MX-5? Not likely.

We want a story. If you were reading it instead of writing it, would you find it interesting? Oh, and one more thing: We're getting a bit bored really tired of the typical "How I First Got My Miata" story. Tell us about a great Miata experience. Tell us about a 4 month road trip. Tell us about your unusual employment that requires a Miata. Tell us anything! Just make it unique, OK?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Featured MX5 Miata

Bottom line: Send us an interesting writeup on you and your Miata!

If we like the writeup, we'll ask for 4 or 5 photos. You can send us graphic files or you can mail us the photos and we'll scan them for you.

What have you got to lose?

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