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Stock ones only last about 30k

R&R Shocks/Springs without a Spring Compressor

Removing Springs and shocks

Suspension / shocks / upgrades

Installing a Suspension Upgrade

Shock Absorber Replacement

Whoa for your go

[NB] Brake Caliper Rebuild (Video)

Bleeding Brakes

[NC] Brake Pads (PDF)

Parking brake operation and info

ABS Brake Installation


Brake Pad Replacement

Big Brake Conversion for 90-93 Miatas

Hakuna's brake job pictorial and bigger brake upgrade

Essential for handling

Four wheel alignment


Lanny's Alignment Page


NC Sway bar replacement

NA Front Bearing Replacement

Polyurethane Bushing installation

Front Anti-roll bar Install

Rear Anti-roll bar Install

Power Steering Retrofit

Differential seal replacement for NB

Install a Torson Differential in a '90-93

Shock Tower Brace Installation

Solo II Sway Bar Combinations

The 65 MPH Shimmy

Torque Specs

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