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Powerplant Issues

NB accessory belt maintenance

Oil flush using Auto Transmission Fluid

Idle Speed Control Troubleshooting, Repair, Replace

HLA Theory of Operation

HLA Cleaning

Big Nose Crank Pulley Repair

Put an Escort 1.8 into a Miata (Another Article)

Intake Manifold Maintenance

Vacuum Line Modification

Check engine light on

Crank Angle Sensor Oil Seal

Another method of changing the CAS Seal

Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

99 #4 Thrust Bearing Failure

Lance Schall answers questions about the Miata crankshaft problem

Crankshaft Loctite Fix

Miata Engine Rebuilding Tips

Timing Belt Replacement

Water, water everywhere...

Water Pump O-Ring Replacement

Cooling System Troubleshooting

Parallel Fan Operation

Changing your Thermostat

Installing a Thermostat

Water Pump Replacement

Overheating / The Miata Cooling System

Is it time for a replacement?

NA Clutch Replacement

Clutch Adjustment

Clutch Bleeding Tips

Clutch Replacement (pictorial)

Clutch Replacement

Clutch Installation Tips

Clutch Master Cylinder Repair

Between the engine and the  wheels

[NC] Adjustment procedure for ‘’Pop out of Gear’’

[NA] Automatic Transmission Bushing

Rear Differential Vent change

Automatic to Manual Swap

NB 6-Speed Transmission Service Manual

Short Shifter Installation

Differential Spotter's Guide

Remove & Replace Differential

Transmission Rebuilding Tips

Trans., Gearbox, Shifter Oil Change Pics

Axle Removal

Differential/Axle Seal Replacements

Limited Slip Differential FAQ

Automatic to 5 Speed Conversion

Gearbox Stuck in Reverse

Engine Electrical
Brain, wires and spark

Engine Diagnostics - How to read OBD-I codes

ECU Pinout diagram - '90-'93 Manual Transmission

Tips for Changing Coil Packs

Mazda specific OBD II codes

Coil Pack Replacement - NB

Alternator Replacement

Everything you need to know about spark plugs

Ignition wires / plugs / timing

Miata Engine Computer Self Diagnostics

Other stuff

Air Flow Meter Repair

NA Fuel tank replacement

A Simple Fix for EGR Code 0902

Fuel Pump Diagnostics

Rob Spargo's "Know Your Car" Series

Polishing your valve cover

Dress up your engine bay

Restore engine bay rubber

Throttle adjustment

ABS Brake Installation

Power Steering Conversion

Exhaust / Headers

Air Flow Meter Replacement

Torque Specs

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