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Last update: 23 November, 2022

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Mazda Corporation

Mazda North American Operations Design Studio

Mazda Motorsports

Brochures and Manuals


More Mazda documentation from

Wikipedia Miata Entry

M-Edition Field Guide

Brief table outlining year-to-year changes

Summary of Miatas in America

The most comprehensive guide to Miatas in the US market. Compiled and maintained by Chris Lambert and Rich Velardo.

Jaime Villacorte's Miata Features Table - '90 - '97

One-Page Feature Table - '90-'97

Miata Books and Publications

  1. The Miata Mailing List, this FAQ, and other electronic forums

    1. What is a FAQ? What is this document for?
    2. What other Miata resources are available on the net?
    3. When was the Miata first mentioned on The Net?
    4. Where is Miataville? How do I get there?
    5. Is there a Miata newsgroup?
    6. What is the history of How was it started?
  1. General Information on the Mazda Miata

    1. I'm interested in buying a Miata, where can I find more information?
    2. What year Miata should I consider?
    3. What books and publications are available?
    4. What is the Miata Owner's Club and Miata Club of America? Should I join?
    5. How does one go about decoding the Miata VIN number?
    6. How do I start a Miata Club?
    7. How does the Miata handle in the snow?
    8. What is the meaning of the word "Miata"?
    9. What is the meaning of the word "Eunos"?
    10. What is the "Miata Wave"?
    11. Is my Miata's computer Y2K ready?
    12. What kind of mileage can I expect?
    13. Can I import a Eunos/MX-5/Miata into the US?
    14. How do I contact Mazda Customer Support
    15. Is the Miata a girly/gay/chick/hairdresser's car? Are Miata owners gay?
  2. Production Information

    1. What do the generational codes, "NA", "NB" and "NC" mean and where did they come from?
    2. What happened to the 1998 Miata?
    3. What factory colors are available, and what model years were they available?
    4. What are the different packages/options available for the Miata?
    5. How many of my color Miata were built?
    6. Any other factory colors ever made?
    7. Is my Miata a Limited Edition, Special Edition, M Edition, or what?
    8. Is there a registry for owners of my Special/Limited edition Miata?
    9. How many Special/Limited Edition Miatas were produced?
    10. How many Miatas were produced in 19xx?
    11. How many Miatas were sold in 19xx?
    12. How many XX packages were produced in 19xx?
    13. What was the sticker price of an XX package?
    14. How many MX-5 Miatas were registered? How many in each country?
  3. NB (1999-2005) Information

    1. General Information
    2. What are the features and options available for the '99 model?
    3. Will the parts from the early model fit the '99 and vice versa?
    4. How long should the OEM tires on the '99 last?
    5. How can I get rid of those ugly airbag warning stickers on the sun visors?
    6. The soft boot keeps coming apart at the seams.
    7. I have the Bose option and the doors are buzzing. What can I do?
    8. Starting the M2 seems to take an excessively long time.
    9. I have an annoying rattle on the left side, just behind my head
    10. Why can't I move the passenger's seat all the way back?
    11. Can the fake oil pressure gauge be retrofitted with a real, working gauge?
    12. The Cruise Control Craps out
    13. My wheel caps are turning yellow
    14. My rear window fell out!
    15. I'm having trouble filling the fuel tank completely
    16. What's up with the '99 exhaust? Things don't fit.
    17. Tell me about the #4 thrust bearing
    18. My glove box sags
    19. My feet are too hot!
    20. Tell me about the 2001 Clutch Shudder
    21. How do I tell if my NB came with a LSD?
    22. I'm looking at buying an NB and it doesn't have or I don't have access to the Model #. How can I know if it has a LSD?
  4. NC (2006 and later) Information

    1. What are the features and options available for the '06 model?
    2. What's the best method to access the back of, or remove, the NC radio from the console?
    3. How come many new NC’s get delivered with excessive tire pressure; what is the correct pressure?
    4. What is the easiest method for installing sway bars on my NC?
    5. What is the difference between an NC and an NC2?
    6. What is the Cougar Ace and why should I be aware of it?
  5. General Care, Maintenance and Repair

    1. How should I break in my new Miata?
    2. I've been hearing about a problem with the Miata crankshaft. What's the real story?
    3. Will the parts from the early model fit the '99 and vice versa?
    4. I need new street tires for my Miata, what kind should I get?
    5. I'm too tall/too large to fit in the Miata, but I really want one! Is there anything I can do?
    6. What kind of oil/filters should I use in my Miata? How often should I change them?
    7. What should I use on my soft top to keep it looking new? Do I really need to use a boot?
    8. How can I stop the boot from billowing?
    9. What about my plastic rear window?
    10. My rear window needs to be replaced. What do I do?
    11. My Miata didn't come with a hardtop, can I get one?
    12. Can I add to or improve my stereo?
    13. Help! I lost my radio code and can't unlock it!
    14. I accidentally reversed my battery polarity. Now my radio is dead. What's up with that?
    15. My battery is dead. Do I have to buy a new one from the dealer?
    16. What type of gasoline should I use in my Miata?
    17. How do I remove the sun visors?
    18. How do I remove those pesky eyeball vents?
    19. How do I stop squeaks, rattles and other noises?
    20. How do I stop leaks?
    21. My reverse lights don't work, what's the problem?
    22. How/Why Should I remove the tie-down hooks on my Miata?
    23. How do I remove road tar from my Miata?
    24. Are there any recalls or secret waranty items on the Miata?
    25. There's water sloshing around - I can't find where its coming from!
    26. How do I prepare my Miata for Winter Storage?
    27. I'm worried about my airbag. How can I disable it?
    28. How do I tell if I have a Limited Slip differential in my 1990-1993 Miata?
    29. I replaced my spark plugs and found oil in the wells.
    30. My temperature gauge occasionally climbs way into the danger zone.
    31. My oil pressure gauge reads low - around 15psi at idle. What's wrong?
    32. The paint is peeling from my early Miata. What should I do?
    33. There is some "play" in the steering column. Suggestions?
    34. The weather-stripping for the soft top pops out. How can this be fixed?
    35. License Plate Issues
    36. My Miata keeps making this loud ticking noise for a couple minutes after I start it up in the morning.
    37. How do I properly jack up my Miata with a floor-jack?
    38. Clicking noise from left rear tire area
    39. Water is leaking on the passenger's side and appears to be coming from behind the glove box


  6. Performance and Competition

    1. I'm interested in autocrossing my Miata, where can I get help?
    2. How can I improve the performance of my Miata?
    3. Can I put a V6/V8/Rotary engine in the Miata?
    4. What size/brand tires should I use for Autocrossing?
    5. Are the 'R' wheels the lightest?
    6. What other cars have wheels with Miata-compatible bolt patterns?
    7. What kind of alignment settings should I use?
    8. Help! My Miata has a shimmy / shake / vibration at about 65 miles per hour.
    9. At what RPM should I shift? Will I damage the engine?
    10. What are the pros and cons of the Torsen vs the Competition clutch differentials?
    11. My suspension 'clunks' when I autocross.
    12. What aftermarket seats fit the Miata without modification?
    13. What is the best tire pressure?
  7. Aftermarket Accessories

    1. Are there accessories and performance products for the Miata?
    2. Any problems with a grill?
    3. Suggestions on car covers?
    4. What about Tonneau Covers? Which is best?
    5. Do door sill covers work?
    6. I'm considering a base model to save money, can I add stuff later?
    7. Are there any Miata toys or scale models on the market?
    8. Where can I find info on interior modifications?
    9. What are protective light shields?
  8. Phone Directory

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